Rom Nokia X for lenovo a516

Features :
Dual 3G
Smooth on Lowest Ram
Fast 3G Internet
Look a Like NOKIA X
Nokia Store

Bugs :
In the main Launcher, not all of your apps are shown.Default of the launcher only.
If you are using nokia launcher, expect the high brightness of the home launcher.i don't know how to set the brightness even i set my brightness to automatic.
I use different launcher as show on the screenshots.

Screenshot :

Download :
Instruction :
1. Shut down Hp, enter recovery mode (twrp)
2. Choose Wipe
3. Choose Advance Wipe
Check (tick) the following options:
  • Dalvik
  • Cache
  • Data
  • System
Scroll to Wipe Swipe

Wait for it to finish and then back to home twrp
4. Choose Install
5. Choose
6. Upon entry into the installer, follow the prompts
7. Done click Finish
8. Wipe Cache / Dalvik
9. Reboot the system
10. Wait for boot process 3 to 4 minutes until the smartphone turns on
11. Enjoy

rom by Aj De Leon Royalista